It is no secret to my family – or just about anyone that knows me- that I am not a big fan of our

MN winters. ESPECIALLY THIS YEAR. Wow, it is almost May and it feels like November. Okay,

no more complaining. But, my practice is to keep the white lights on our deck on until it gets

lighter at night, and when the river is open (we live on the Mississippi). Usually, we take them

down in early March, when the time changes, but this year they are still up and it is April 28!

Honestly, it has been so cold and windy most weekends that my husband will not go out there

and unwind them all. What is the point of this? Well, there is no point, just a rant.


So let’s focus on some great stuff. Last week the boys and I had a strategy and planning meeting

about ProHealthSpot.com. We have revised much of the web site, our shipping is faster

and we are very excited about the growth. I want to update our wonderful customers and

thank you for hanging in there as we get this company going and work out the kinks. Here are

some of the initiatives we are committed to:


• A monthly e-newsletter. The format will be delivered by Mail Chimp and will include a

comprehensive wellness focus, product info and updates

• We will do regular You Tube videos (here is our first one!), also on products, how to

use them and life in general

• Weekly blogs

• Branding the company as a family collaborative business with a strong customer-service



As you may know, I started ProHealthSpot almost 3 years ago as a resource for patients in my

clinical practice to have access to professional grade supplements and medical foods online. It

has become much bigger and we now have a national focus. My sons, Tim and Ben are involved

with it as my partners and I am having a blast working with them. I never dreamed I would get

to work with my kids. It is so much fun to see them as creative, smart adults!


We want ProHealthSpot to be an interactive site, so we welcome your suggestions for products

you would like to see us to carry, and your feedback on how we can best serve you. We do

have the “Ask Dr. Susan” feature. This is designed to help you navigate the confusing world of

supplements. Just send me a question and I will do my best to customize our products for your

health needs.


Think Spring!

Dr. Susan



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