Is it the flu or allergy and sinus symptoms, which include itchy eyes, nose or throat; sneezing; runny nose; tearing; nasal congestion and headaches (especially in the frontal area).

Allergies are a hypersensitive (overactive) immune system responding to normal antigens in the environment,causing the immune system to mistake pollens and other substances for allergens, causing this reaction. Even though it is cold and freezing (at least in Minnesota!), people are starting to have allergies all year.

At ProHealthSpot, we offer several ways to treat this problem: 

  • One of my favorite immune boosters is ImmuCore. I won’t take a trip without taking this for at least a week before I leave. I also take it preventatively during winter cold season and for allergies. It offers a three-pronged approach for immune support including Ultra Potent C combined with zinc and a concentrated blend of mushroom extracts and vitamin D. It all adds up to great antioxidant support and prevention. Take 2 to 4 caplets a day, or email me with questions.


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Let’s make flu and allergy season a breeze instead of a sneeze!


Think Spring!

Dr. Susan