Feeling “Fluffy”??

I really try to be positive, but honestly, January through March in Minnesota is really hard for me. This year we have had SO MUCH SNOW, and it is TOO COLD. Probably have a bit of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) thrown in as well…So what do we do when it is cold and dark?

We eat. Right??

We also wear lots of layers, which hide the pounds we put on because we eat because it is dark and cold. Hence, feeling a bit “fluffy”. Clothes are tight, the muffin top is now an extra-large chocolate-chip variety, and the Spanx can’t quite keep it all in!  What to do? Usually for me, the motivation of a warm weather trip in March or April helps me keep snacking in check, but this year, no such luck. So, thank goodness for Nutri-hCG.


We talk a lot about that program on our ProHealthSpot blogs. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have never found a program more effective in changing metabolism and targeting weight and fat loss. I did it in May 2010, and have still kept over 20 pounds off. I now want to target that last 10-15 that stubbornly seem to like to hang out with me! How about you?

Should we do this together? If you are in the St Cloud/Sartell area, we are having a class on Tuesday, February 19, at 6:30 pm at StillPointe. I will go over the program and Chana will also be there to talk about her experiences with it and answer questions. You can also follow her journey on blogs about Nutri-hCG on the website. But, you can also do the program with us even if you are not in MN. All of the information on how to do it and the program guide is included in the Nutri-hCG kit on www.prohealthspot.com. And as a special motivation, we are offering the Nutri-hCG kit and the Reset kit at 15% off during the month of February.            Just put “nutrihcg” in the coupon code box as you check out.


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We are also there to help and support you on this journey. I get lots of questions at  “Ask Dr. Susan” about the program, so please feel free to send me an email with your questions, successes and concerns. You can also respond to this blog post and we can keep a dialog going. I will also post my progress, which will keep me accountable and on track. My goal is to get back on a “clean” eating program, lose the muffin top and feel energy to take me into Spring.

What about you? What would you like to accomplish with your health? I hope you will join me, as it is much more fun with a partner. I am also attaching a video from Jennifer. She also did the program over 2 years ago, and lost over 20 pounds. She has (for the first time in her life as well), kept it off and has even lost more. The Nutri-hCG program allowed her to change her eating and her life.  My wish is that it will do that for you as well.

Here’s to Spring, Energy and Vitality! Remember, 15% off in the code box!

Dr. Susan