Guilty Pleasures

What do you like to do when you have a free hour or afternoon to yourself? We are so busy taking care of families, businesses, community activities, that we forget it is ok to take some time for ourselves too.
Here is my favorite Friday afternoon in the winter. I work until about 1, often have lunch or a “play-date” with my 89 year old mother, then I come home to my peaceful home on the Mississippi River. Sure it is frozen and looks like a football field, but I can either enjoy the frosty view, or imagine that Spring can’t be that far off. I sit by the fire (the easy kind where you can just flip the switch), put my feet up, wrap a cozy blanket around my shoulders, enjoy a wonderful cup of healthy Alphay coffee or tea and read People magazine.
Yes, my guilty pleasure isn’t some exotic romance fantasy, it is simply catching up on the latest celebrity news and Hollywood gossip! It is a fun escape from the reality of my life, which seems so simple in light of the rich and famous. Of course my subscription is for my office, but I have it sent to my house because when I used to have a large staff, someone would grab it before I got it, and I felt stupid for being mad about that…Now, I just bring it in when I’m done, and there is no problem.

My husband, who is a college professor, and who can be a bit of an academic snob (don’t tell him I said so), gives me a hard time about reading People, but I catch him glancing at it when I”m done and he doesn’t’ think I’m looking. He says it is for the movie reviews, but Hah!
The point is, be kind to yourself. Find some things that make you smile. Go to a movie by yourself, get a pedicure, massage, whatever simple pleasure feeds your soul. AND, enjoy some Alphay coffee. It isn’t even a guilty pleasure, since it is good for you and can help your immune, cardiovascular and every other system in your body. Check out our coffee page on for info and email me if you have questions.
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Stay warm, Think Spring!
Dr. Susan