Confused at the party store??

Last week I went to our local party supply store to get decorations for my step-dad’s 90th birthday celebration. How cool is it that there are balloons and decorations from birth to 100. I strolled down the aisles filled with color and too many choices – it is overwhelming. Anyway, while I was there, being the multi-tasker that I am (as are all of you, I’m sure), I thought “great”,  I can get decorations for Easter and my little granddaughter’s THIRD birthday as well, since we are celebrating her birthday on Easter. So, more color, more choices. Should I get Dora the Explorer, Minnie Mouse, Big Bird, Barbie (no NEVER)??  Again, too many choices, but I spied “Yo Gabba Gabba” and knew that was IT –  we dance to that A LOT! So, I picked those out and went on to the Easter aisle. Should I get pastel eggs, bright eggs, should we dye them ourselves (no, not enough time), hanging baskets…I’m really confused now by all the choices. I felt a “pastel haze” in my brain and decided to go with what I have, or I would probably pass out in the candy aisle after stress eating in a diabetic coma!


Well, $75 later, I’m loaded with bags, balloons, eggs and party favors. The party for Mac (step-dad) was fabulous and he got the right decorations, so now on to Easter and the mini party for the mini one. As a baby boomer, we are often called the “sandwich generation” because we take care of parents, kids, grandkids, pets and on and on. Sometimes that sandwich gets a bit packed and smooshed with too many ingredients, but this week, it is just right! How grateful I am to have my parents still around (my mom is 89!), my wonderful kids, husband and now a granddaughter to play with. Life is blessed and this week the sandwich is the perfect size and the perfect ingredients.  Have a blessed Easter and enjoy your family.


Dr. Susan