Chill Out With These Stress Relief Activities | | @ProHealthSpotStressed out? Getting control over your stress now will help you find the focus and calm you need for managing your busy schedule. These simple stress relievers are highly effective and can easily become part of your daily routine. Try them out and put more Zen in your busy day.


Be More Active

When you’re strapped for time, exercise does double-duty by keeping you healthy and reducing your stress. Physical activity is a great outlet for relieving everyday frustrations, plus it increases your happiness by releasing smile-inducing endorphins.


Refocus your mind and improve your mood with one of these activities:

  • Head out for a brisk 20-minute walk on your lunch break
  • Take your dog for a stroll and stretch your legs together
  • Go for a run or jog along your favorite route
  • Be one with nature and hike up to the summit of a nearby peak
  • Go for a swim in the pool or kick back in the Jacuzzi
  • Hit the gym or join a weekly outdoor bootcamp class


Say Om

Yoga is touted for its mind-body health benefits. Its combination of stretching exercises and mindful breathing help to relax the muscles and quiet the mind. Yoga is available in many forms and intensities; the key is finding the right style for you.


Find serenity with these techniques:

  • Start your morning with a series of 4-5 sun salutations
  • Take a break from the grind and do a few chair yoga poses
  • Spend your lunch hour at a nearby yoga class
  • Finish off a tough workout with a yoga-centric cool down
  • Call it a night and sleep better with asana (seated) poses


Crank Up The Tunes

When paired with your daily activities, music can be a fantastic backdrop for everyday life. It promotes many mind-body benefits, like elevating your mood, improving sleep quality, boosting your concentration, motivating you to workout harder, and more.


Distract your mind with these musical tricks:

  • Turn on a heart-pumping beat while getting ready in the morning
  • Create a soothing playlist for dealing with traffic jams
  • Listen to classical music when powering through a tough project or task
  • Choose a handful of upbeat songs and have fun while cleaning
  • Play calming tunes at bedtime to help you unwind


Get Organized

Set a positive tone for the day by preparing ahead of time. Chaotic schedules and lack of sleep can add up to a serious case of overwhelm. While it seems like there is never enough time, managing the time you do have well means you’ll be able to do more of what you love.


Keep overwhelm at bay with these preparation tips:

  • Spend 15-30 minutes on Sundays planning out your upcoming week
  • Set a schedule and decide on what days you’ll do which tasks
  • Cross of completed tasks from your to-do list before leaving work each day
  • Prep for tomorrow by cleaning up your desk area and computer files
  • Identify stressors and create a plan for handling them as they come up


Now It’s Your Turn

How do you limit stress and live a happier, healthier lifestyle? Share your stress relief tips in the comments below.