Did you know the FIRST ingredient in many (and the second ingredient in most) infant formula is high fructose corn syrup? I have worked with babies for years, and didn’t realize it was the “first.” I knew it was included, but I was shocked to find out that we are creating sugar addiction in infants!

So, to go back to how I made this appalling discovery, since my “baby” is 25. About two weeks ago, a tiny kitten wandered into our yard. We live in the country and often see wild or stray cats around, so one must have had kittens she couldn’t care for, or dropped off knowing I couldn’t just let the poor thing die.

Breast Feeding, Baby Formula, Infant Formula, High Fructose Corn SyrupThis kitty (we named her Squirmy) had her eyes open and could walk like a drunken sailor, but since we are more dog people than cat people, we had no idea how old she was. It was quickly evident that she couldn’t even drink from a dish, so we fed her with a dropper. My husband didn’t want anything to do with it and said “well, if you feed her, it is your deal.” So off to the store I went to get “kitty formula”. It was expensive – $5 for 8 ounces. I decided to go over to the infant aisle to compare formula for human babies to the one for kitties. As I browsed the shelf of various brands (lactose-free, soy, premium newborn, fussiness and gas, frequent spit-up, and the list goes on) I was truly shocked to notice so much high fructose syrup and sugar in all formulas on the shelf.

Wow – I don’t think most parents realize that they are giving their infants the equivalent of a can of soda as a newborn! With obesity, diabetes, heart disease, allergies, asthma and so many health problems on the rise, why are we creating a sweet tooth in infants? The kitten formula didn’t have any added sugars in it!

Of course in my practice, I always encourage moms to breastfeed. It is nature’s milk for humans (cow’s milk is for baby cows) and it provides all the nutrients and immunity a baby needs, when the baby needs it. Did you know that the baby’s saliva on the aureole of the breast indicates to the mother what the baby needs at that immediate time and place? Amazing. What a miracle our bodies are – we just need to respect and take better care of them.

I know, I know, that some moms just can’t nurse for many reasons, so what are the alternatives? There are organic formulas on the market, but they too have added sugars and corn syrup, they are simply “organic”, instead of processed. You can also Google recipes to make your own formula, and some moms in my years of practice, have used goats milk, which is more like breast milk that cow’s milk. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution. Just read the labels and be aware of what you are feeding your children.

No matter if you are nursing or supplementing, I do often recommend the following extra nutritional support for babies and small children on: ProHealthSpot.com

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UltraFlora Plus DF  A form of dairy-free probiotic for children to help with digestion. Available in capsules or powder.

Breast Feeding, Baby Formula, Infant Formula, High Fructose Corn Syrup

So, how did Squirmy fare with formula? I fed her for 4 days, and she thrived and got fat and sassy. We did decide that a kitten/ cat wasn’t a good fit for us right now, so we took her to the Tri-County Humane Society to find a good home. The interesting thing is that my husband was the one who had a hard time letting her go. He got attached to the little cutie, and probably would have kept her if I had agreed to an indoor cat. Now a puppy, well that is a different story!



-Dr. Susan Saetre D.C.

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