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Did you know that germs by themselves are not always bad for your body?

Many have been raised to believe that germs will make us sick, but that’s only partially true. There are many good types of germs, or bacteria, which benefit the body.

I’m sure you have heard or been told to take “good bacteria” or Probiotics. They are microorganisms that help break down your food and support nutrient absorption. With so many processed food, fast foods and genetically modified foods, we are not getting natural enzymes like we would in organic, non-processed “real” food. Since much of your immune system is actually in your gut, when the bacterial balance is interrupted, it causes breakdown or organ function and creates a whole host of problems and eventually, disease.

One simple way to increase the “good bacterial” is to eat foods with active cultures, such as Greek yogurt (not the sugar one with the jam in the bottom); kefir, some cheeses, miso soup, sauerkraut, and raw foods that have their own enzymes.

For anyone with digestive issues, weak immune systems and any kind of irritable bowel problems, it is also important to take a probiotic supplement. A good supplement has several strains of acidophilus and bifido bacterium. I know those are long words, but getting your probiotics from a pharmaceutical grade company with insure that you are taking the best, tested products on the market. The potency should be at least 5-10 billion live cells, and some products need to be refrigerated to keep their potency.

My favorite for most people is UltraFlora Spectrum by Metagenics. It has 7 strains of probiotics and supports both the lower and upper parts of the stomach and digestive system. Take one capsule a day, unless you have significant digestive issues, and then take two. Another one is Multi Dophilus which is a broad spectrum powder, or Acidophilus D.R.

Feel free to email me at “Ask Dr. Susan” if you have questions on how to use this product. I can make suggestions for your specific needs. These are really important for children as well. Studies show that kids who use probiotics have a healthier immune system and fewer seasonal colds and flu episodes. I also saw a link stating that probiotics taken in pregnancy reduce the incidence of autism and allergies. The bottom line is you need to have good sources of “friendly bacteria”!

Dr. Susan