insomnia, sleep disorders, sleep deprived, lack of sleep, sleep problemsSleep Deprived??

Our busy lives are cutting into our sleep and “time off”. It is hard to be away from technology these days, and it is affecting our sleep. Do you find you have trouble sleeping and end up spending time on face book at 2am?? Sleep deprivation can have tough costs and consequences such as:


  • daytime drowsiness
  • zoning out in a conversation or task
  • difficulty concentrating on driving
  • slow reaction times
  • weight gain
  • increased stress and depression
  • sleep apnea and snoring

Getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night not only leaves you more energized and better prepared to deal with stress – it also lowers your risk for many diseases. Natural products that help with sleep have valerian, passionflower, hops and lemon balm, such as MYOCALM PM. It is great for relaxing muscles and helping you fall gently asleep! Sweet dreams. -Dr. Susan

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