6 Ways to Stay on Track During the Holidays | ProHealthSpot.com | @ProHealthSpotThe holidays are a time of celebration, and with that comes putting your health commitments to the side and overindulging on all those goodies you can eat just once a year. As a result, by the time the New Year rolls around, getting back on track often feels more like having to start over than continuing to work towards your goals.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you tend to celebrate a little too much this time of year, here are six tricks to add to your game plan for staying on track during the holidays.

  1. Keep a food log. Being mindful of what you consume can reduce the likelihood your pants will be too snug come the New Year. While you don’t have to track calories, writing down what you eat (and drink!) every day helps you monitor your intake and stay committed to your fitness goals.
  2. Arrive to the party semi-full. When you show up hungry, you’ll be more inclined to graze all evening long. Have a light and healthy meal before every holiday event to prevent yourself from overindulging on sugary desserts, baked goods, and spiked egg nog. If you don’t have time to eat beforehand, watch your portion sizes and fill your plate with low-calorie foods first.
  3. Schedule your workouts. It’s always a good idea to add your workouts to your calendar, but it’s especially important around the holidays. With all the rush of festivities and family gatherings, it’s easy to lose track and skip too many sweat sessions. Set up reminder to go straight to your inbox or smartphone, and if you’re feeling drained, opt for an easier 15-20 minute session. Keeping up with your workouts now will make getting back to your usual routine much easier next month.
  4. Eat your fruits and veggies. Be sure to get our daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals to keep your energy and metabolism up. If hitting your daily target is difficult this time of year, protein powders like Dynamic Fruits and Greens make it a snap. Plus, they’re packed with fiber and antioxidants for supporting healthy digestion and immune function.
  5. Involve the whole family. The weather outside may be frightful, but there’s plenty of outdoor activities that burn calories while you’re having fun. Round up your family members for an afternoon of go skiing, sledding, snowshoeing or ice skating. You can also build a couple of snow forts and have a snowball fight (losing team makes the hot chocolate!).
  6. Pamper yourself. Feeling overstressed leads to an increased production in cortisol, which causes more fat to show up around your waistline. Stop by your favorite body care store to pick up some bath products in seasonal scents (like peppermint or gingerbread), then give yourself an at-home spa treatment. Or if you’re in the mood to splurge, visit a nearby spa for a mani/pedi, massage, or facial.


Now It’s Your Turn

How will you stay on track with you fitness and health goals this holiday season? Share your tips in the comments below.