4 Tricks to Improve Your Memory and Remember More | ProHealthSpot.com | @ProHealthSpotCan’t recall the name of that actor who was in that one movie you really liked a few years back? You’re not alone. While our brains take in and process a lot of information every day, as we grow older, it becomes easier for basic information to slip our minds.

Ready to boost your brain power and start remembering more? Here are four tricks for keeping memory loss at bay.


Sharpen Your Focus

Multitaskers are praised for their ability to get more done in less time. However, by trying to balance so many things at once, your crazy-busy lifestyle can hamper your productivity and cause you to lose focus. Juggling multiple tasks means you’re not giving individual tasks your full attention, and in turn, you’re not taking in information you’ll likely want to recall later on.

Limit distractions so you can zero in on the task at hand and spend less time racking your brain. Jot down items on your to-do list by hand, then choose one to focus on. While working, run fewer software applications at once and reduce the number of browser tabs you leave open. If you’re having trouble concentrating, change locations, like from one room to another. When traveling to a new destination, turn off your GPS and be more present in locating where you’re going.


Train Your Brain

Keep your brain in peak shape with a good mental workout. Just as your body requires exercise, so too does your brain. If you lift weights to build up lean muscle mass and then stop for several weeks, your hard-earned muscle begins to break down. Similarly, when you don’t stimulate your brain, it begins to deteriorate.

Training your brain keeps it sharp and helps you to remember more. The key is to do exercises consistently and opt for ones that will challenge you to think a little harder. Online brain training games like LumosityFit Brains or Brain HQ are great for exercising your memory muscle. If you’re looking to unplug, traditional games like crosswords, Sudoku, Scrabble and chess are excellent brain-stimulating activities.


Eat Brain-Boosting Foods

Omega-3s are building blocks for brain health and good memory, but human bodies do not naturally produce these essential fatty acids. Consuming brain foods rich in this nutrient two or three times per week may help reduce memory loss as well as your risk for dementia. Smart options that are high in omega-3s include cold water oily fish, flax seeds, walnuts, soybeans and shrimp. If your palette is adverse to fish or seafood, fish oil and krill oil supplements can help you meet your dietary needs.


Get More Sleep

Lack of sleep can give you a bad case of brain fog. When you’re running on fumes, you’re more forgetful and less alert. Getting plenty of rest and feeling fully refreshed will boost your attention span and improve your concentration throughout the day. It’s recommended you get 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Naps are also a great way to recharge when your energy is running low.

Quality of sleep is equally important as quantity when it comes to consolidating and recalling memories. Disturbed sleep can impact your ability to create memories, even if you get the recommended amount of shuteye. Snooze buttons are disruptive to your sleep patterns, so if you find yourself repeatedly hitting yours in the morning, try turning in a little earlier at night.


Now It’s Your Turn                         

What are your memory boosting tricks? Share your tips in the comments below.